Due to the lockdown there are sadly very few classes or courses to let you know about!

So currently the Alternative Guides are on hold... but we'll be back with you as soon as possible...

See you all in the New Normal, or the Old Normal, or anything that approximates normal :)

The Alternative Guides are the place to look to find out What's Going On in the field of Alternative and Complementary Health and Healing throughout London and the South of England.

Here you will find a day-to-day listing of local events, plus information about a wide range of therapies and details of the therapists who provide them.

The information here (plus more!) is also available as a Free Broadsheet of which over a Hundred and Twenty Thousand are printed every year and can be picked up from Natural Health Centres, Libraries, Wholefood Shops, Hospitals and similar appropriate outlets throughout London, Kent, and the South Coast area.