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Alternative Life Coaching: The mind-body connection

There is now available a fresh and new style of Life Coaching, where the emphasis is on the mind-body connection to assist you to become your own inner coach. It is a unique and dynamic combination of life coaching and complementary self-development tools; and it can help you optimise your own resources and skills to make profound emotional and physical changes, and thereby easily achieve whatever you desire.

This style of coaching encourages you to find out how easy it is, with the help of ‘alternative’ life coaches, to become attuned to your own inner wisdom, and hear and recognise the answers from within. By way of a simple, creative and very effective individualised approach to access optimum emotional and physical well-being, you are guided, step-by-step, to achieve success in all areas of your life.

Alternative Life Coaching shows you how its holistic wealth of information, techniques of complementary self-development tools, along with skills of coaching, can come together to give you clear and effective ways to effect excellence in everything you do.

So what does Alternative Life Coaching do that’s different from Traditional Coaching?

First, it helps you evaluate your general life concerns and then assists you in identifying, understanding and managing your own Energy-Anatomy, which is directly related to all areas of your life. By optimising your Energy-Anatomy you also maximise your mind-body potential. In this way, you are able to get the best from both, and use them both to their full capacity. This, in turn, results in a direct and positive effect on your life - at all levels.

Alternative Life Coaching then facilitates and helps you develop a personalised action plan to improve and achieve your desired changes. It incorporates self-development tools plus easy-to-follow minor adjustments to implement, in order to help you create the life you want.

But what is Coaching anyway?

It is a dynamic and interactive process for achieving excellence in all areas of your life. With coaching, you have room to explore your life and discover your inherent gifts - your personal power. It offers you a space from where you can move towards the life you want and deserve to have. Coaching can be the catalyst to transform your life, helping to open your mind to what is possible and supporting you as you take steps to fulfil your true potential. It helps you move more rapidly through old, limiting beliefs - toward a life that you consciously create.

We are enjoying more opportunities and freedom than at any other time, as our society becomes more meritocracy-based; but the reverse side of this coin is a commensurate increase in stress. The expectation of a job-for-life has vanished forever. More and more people are having to tap into their own resources to be self- sufficient, entrepreneurial and adaptable to change. Life coaches offers help, support and encouragement to create more positive results for you.

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Arnu Rodriguez

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