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What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the healing art of using essential oils to promote health and well being.

Essential oils can be used in many ways including massage, inhalation, creams, baths, compresses, personal perfumes to name but a few.

All essential oils have different properties some are relaxing whilst others are stimulating, other properties include anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal, analgesic, decongestant, sedative, the list goes on & on.....

Aromatherapy works in two ways:

1. The oils are inhaled and the powerful aromas stimulate the brain. This could be on a subconscious level, smelling Lavender may remind you of your Grandmother and the association may cause you to relax. The oils also have specific properties and will be used for that reason, Lavender is a sedative, Eucalyptus a very powerful decongestant, and others create an uplifting and relaxing environment for example. They also through this method enter the bloodstream via the lungs, they will then be carried to the appropriate organ that needs them, perhaps the ovaries for menstrual problems or the joints for arthritic pain.

2. Via massage essential oils are absorbed by the skin and can help the skin directly or by entering the bloodstream can go on to help other parts of the body, just like HRT or Nicotine patches. The combination of massage and essential oils can be very effective. Some oils in the case of muscle pain can have a warming effect, bringing new blood to the area. Oils can also have a good effect when detoxing, dieting or giving up smoking as some, such as Juniperberry have a diuretic effect, and so the combination of massage and essential oils helps the body to release toxins. This being said it is not unusual to feel worse before you feel better as the body deals with this sudden release of toxins, this is called a healing crisis.

A consultation will be taken before your first treatment begins, this will include details about your medical history and life style. This will help to ensure the right essential oils are chosen for you and that you have no contra-indications to the treatment. It will also include lifestyle and dietary advice.

All sorts of people can benefit from an aromatherapy treatment, especially those suffering from stress, depression, skin disorders, digestive problems, poor sleep patterns, muscular aches and pains, women’s problems and sinus problems.

When choosing an Aromatherpist it is important to make sure they belong to a professional body and have completed the necessary training, I am a member of the International Federation of Aromatherapists (MIFA) - - but there are other organisations.

Members of the IFA have trained in 64 essential oils, including their contra-indications and chemistry, as well as how they are extracted.

The IFA also insist their members are First Aid Trained, Insured and partake in Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

It is important that the Aromatherpist you choose has a similar level of qualification.

Most of all choose a therapist you are comfortable with and enjoy the treatment!!

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