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Channeling is the process whereby a channel links telepathically to a communicator in a different dimension in order to bring through guidance and information.

These links are deliberately made with very evolved spiritual masters, the angelic realms and universal energies. The information is translated into words by the channel and can be spoken verbally or written down. The messages received in this way range from uplifting spiritual insights and guidance to practical information regarding the total well-being of a person or group.

Channeled sessions can be given as readings to individuals and are often done remotely without the need for face to face contact. Here the channel would record the session on a cassette and send it to the client.

They can also be part of a process that disseminates information to the public at large by means of channelled books. Information from these evolved helpers is always given to us with much care, thought, respect and love.

A channeled reading is not to be confused with traditional mediumship where the medium typically links to deceased relatives to pass on messages to their loved ones left behind. Although mediumship is a skill and has its benefits, there is no certainty that the guidance given is of a high quality as the information may be coming from a less evolved soul.

The process of channeling from a channels point of view involves preparing themselves energetically so that their personal energy (vibration/aura) complements that of the communicator. Here the channel raises their personal vibration significantly as well as altering their brainwaves to predominantly theta/alpha patterns.

This produces a mild trance that is controlled at will by the channel. Information is received in the form of an exchange of energy between the communicator and channel and is then converted into words in a process involving the energy centres and unconscious mind of the channel.

A good channel works hard to keep the communications free of their own conscious or unconscious thoughts and emotions so that the communication is as close to the original intended version as possible. Specialist training is required to do this.

Channels have always existed and may at one time been called prophets. Famous examples include Edgar Cayce, Madam Blavatsky and Alice Bailey.

Today the art of channelling is mainly being developed skilfully by the channels in the USA. There are many more channels currently as the spiritual realms increasingly seek to make contact with us. The energetic conditions we now enjoy on earth make this process much easier. There is currently a lot of information being brought through in this way in many popular new age spiritual books.

Channeled readings help individuals who want a deeper understanding of themselves and spiritual matters in general. Information is typically given on an individualís life purpose, healing issues, past lives, spiritual growth and specific questions.

As the realisation of the availability of this great service becomes more widely known it is expected that interest in this area will flourish.

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