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Let Your True Colours Shine Through…

In Colour Energy, Inger Naess explains the amazing world of colour and how colour affects every aspect of our lives, including the way we think, the occupations we choose, the way we raise our children, and the way we behave in relationships.

We can use colour, and the energy of each colour, to deepen our understanding of who we are and to tap into the energy that we need for any and every situation. Sex, health issues, professions, money and success are all determined by the colour we are and the colours we use.

Each of the seven major chakras has it own colour energy vibrating at a different frequency – for example, red is the longest wavelength and therefore the slowest energy governing security, vitality and sexuality, whereas violet, at the opposite end of the spectrum, is the shortest wavelength, responsible for creativity, inspiration and mental strength.

By identifying our predominant colour energy we can understand both positive and negative aspects of our personalities and take action to achieve a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. ‘Yellow’ people, for instance, are hungry for knowledge; they are open and susceptible to new facts and impressions. They are explorers and researchers; they are sensitive, pleasant and good listeners; collectors of philosophies and ideas. On the negative side, yellow people tend to chain in their emotions and can seem to be cool, distant and even controlling.

When out of balance i.e. when there is an excess of energy in a particular chakra it needs the vibrations from its complementary colour in order to bring harmony. If the chakra is deficient in its particular colour energy then it will need more of the same colour to create a balance. We can absorb the required colour vibrations in various ways – through the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the décor in our homes, as well as by using specific colour therapies such as Colour Baths.

Inger Naess is a pioneer in the field of colour energy. Her interest began whilst working as a kindergarten teacher where she observed how children’s different personalities corresponded to different colour energies. Later, her work as a fashion designer confirmed her beliefs in the power of colour and led her to travel the world, studying its influence on all our lives.

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