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Keep it Simple
Crystal Healing for the Golden Age

All crystal healers develop their own style of healing and that depends to some extent on what draws them to crystals in the first place.
Is it their love of crystals, or desire to enhance another therapy? The problem is that having answered ‘the call’ the mass of information that is available commercially is often contradictory. So how does the novice healer, or someone who wants to experience crystal healing, make the right choice?

Crystal healing is infinitely simple. My advice would be to ‘Keep it simple.’ Early in my training I was told: "If you look at a famous surgeon who is successful, he uses the same technique over and over again. He is trying to perfect what he is doing, while at the same time trying to produce less pain or inconvenience for his patient.
He doesn’t say: ‘I took this appendix out with a one-inch incision – next time it will be six, to make it look more grandiose’. But this is what many want to do with crystal healing. They want a wonderful display of colours and stones in order to say ‘just look at what I have created here! ’

Why keep it simple?
This approach works because the elements within the body that respond to crystals – the cell structure, especially the walls and the sheath within which encases the nervous system, – all relate most easily to the quartz family. My healing stone of choice is Brazilian quartz as this works holistically. I then choose which colour I need and whether I need the directional energy of a point, or the diffuse energy of a tumblestone.

Putting crystals on the body
I never put crystals on the body because they can cause irritation. When this happens the protective mechanism within the aura kicks in and closes down the energy field. I find creating a cocoon of energy that surrounds the client far more effective and comfortable for them. They then don’t have to worry that if they cough six crystals will ping off!

Choosing a healing crystal
I use mainly Brazilian quartz because its vibration rate relates most closely to the human body at this time. You will refine your method of selecting your crystals because we all use different senses to make what is essentially an emotional, or sensory, choice. It does help to have a specific task in mind, healing, protection etc. and then to trust your instinct. You can seek confirmation from a (crystal) pendulum if you use one.

A basic healing kit:

Clear quartz
This is the most universally accepted healing crystal. The clearer the better.

Rose quartz
More diffuse and absorbing than clear quartz but very relaxing.

Has a dual effect of calming and of exhilaration.

The gold stimulates the mind and can help to clear the respiratory system.

A grounding stone.

Information supplied by:
Zanne Findlay
Zanne is the author of The Way of Crystals published by the Leaders Partnership.

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