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Accessing Oceans of Energy though Emotrance.

Are you ready to easily release worry, pain or fear and restore your emotional health?

Are you ready for a dynamic way of processing life experiences in quicker and more joyful ways?

Are you open to the idea of discovering a series of simple steps that lets you adventure into enhanced states of well being and emotional flow?

Emotrance is just such a technique and it can be easily learned.

The regular application of the Emotrance processes to a variety of emotional scenarios, past and present helps you discover more about your energy body.

As you become more aware of your own energy, you can assist it in flowing more smoothly and in doing so, can restore your Divine Blueprint for your emotional body.

Emotrance can accelerate traditional counselling and psychotherapy as the question is asked 'where do you experience this issue in your body', and once the energy is noticed, it can be encouraged to soften and flow.

Once energy begins to flow, there is often no need to continue focusing on the issue.

Emotrance can be used for fun and creativity too as it is possible obtain energy nutrition from objects and people in our environment. This has echoes in the shamanic practice of 'grocking'.

We could take energy from a gorgeous sparkling chandelier we admire in a place we visit .

Instead of only admiring it and perhaps having wistful thoughts of 'isn't it lovely, but I could never afford ',we can notice where we feel the energy of this beautiful object in our own energy system, and then let the energy soften and flow out of us. This neatly feeds us and as a side effect we leave the washing and upkeep of the chandelier to someone else.

Emotrance is one of the meridian therapies and the concept was devised and developed by author, artist and NLP expert Silvia Hartman.

It is possible to use Emotrance on your own or you might prefer to first work with an Emotrance Practitioner to address matters that are important to you.

For example, you might have been working on a creative project for a year. You are told you have to write a report for one of the Directors and your stomach drops as you dislike her because she is too (tall/short/fat/thin/old/young/spoilt/sloppy/distant/interfering/dynamic/feeble stupid etc)

Report writing is not your favourite occupation, but you complete it only to be told that its contents are not what was expected. This adds to your anxiety about meeting her again.

There are several ways to deal with this, such as resigning, having a whisky at lunchtime, moaning to anyone who will listen, discussing with your therapist about how she reminds you of a teacher who traumatised you when you were 5, or you could Emotrance it.

You could notice where you experience the energy of this person in your body and let it soften and flow. An Emotrance practitioner would assist in noticing any shields you may have and can help you in dissolving those. As you become more confident in applying the techniques for yourself you have a new set of tools in your emotional well being kit.

'Oceans of Energy' by Silvia Hartman

Information supplied by:
Zannie Rose
Emotrance Practitioner

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