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Your home should be a place of peace and tranquility where you feel safe and able to recharge.
It should encourage fun and creativity, joy and love.

What is Feng Shui

Feng Shui comes from China and means wind over water. It studies the movement and manipulation of Chi (electromagnetic energy) both in buildings and the environment. Form School Feng Shui is concerned with the environment and its relationship with the building in question and with the shapes of buildings and landforms. Compass Feng Shui calculates direction in order to understand how the energy flows within the building. In Feng Shui we use the elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal which are determined by the direction of the entrances to the building and each room. The element involved influences the atmosphere of the room and the effect of shapes and colours within each room.

Today in the West, we can apply this ancient art in a modern way to enhance the flow of energy in our lives. Feng Shui allows energy to flow like water around your home bringing in wealth, flexibility and power. Feng Shui is popular here as we realise that by changing our environment we allow and support beneficial change in our lives.

Benefits of Feng Shui

Our health can be affected by our environment. By psychically cleaning our home and also eliminating Geopathic stress, Electromagnetic pollution and sha (negative energy flows both from outside and within the building), we find our health is supported. Placing of beds, desks and chairs are also important in this regard.

Colour balances and enhance your rooms. Its vibration has a powerful effect on your mental and physical state

Space Clearing of negative psychic energies bringing a wonderful feeling to your home Using space optimally with the best areas in your home for you to sleep, sit, cook, make love or work.

Balance the elements in your garden and harmonise the effect of the surroundings with your home Structural problems and potential changes identified.

Clarify and achieve your vision as experienced consultants can use Feng Shui to adjust the flow of energies in your home to support you in your chosen goals

A happy love relationship, children, money, beautiful things and better communication with our friends and family now become more easily obtained.

Feng Shui Changes

Feng Shui gives us the opportunity to optimize the use of our space so may include some changes in placement of furniture, colour etc. and possibly some adjustments in the garden or frontage. Sometimes when the budget allows, we advise structural alterations to maximize the balance and beauty of the building and the consequent ‘luck’ for the inhabitants. There is also a Feng Shui input to redesigning kitchens, bathrooms and gardens and for new extensions and alterations in order to ensure that all the changes really enhance your home.

Cures include crystals, plants, water features and chimes etc.

Beautify your home with colour, structural advice and the art of placement.

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Amravati Mitchell
Shen Dao Institute,Consultant and Teacher
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