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A new non-invasive treatment for Glue Ear

Glue Ear is a sticky fluid (Effusion) that builds up, or is locked into the middle ear cavity. It results in semi deafness, mainly found in children between 6 months and 13 years.

The main causes are birth trauma, allergies (40% of cases are due to an allergy to cows milk, cheese, yoghurt, or bananas), and/or a reaction to colds. (Congestion). All of the aforesaid are mucus producers, hence the increase of complaints in the winter.

Current Treatment involves a general anaesthetic, followed by the insertion of grommets (often on both sides). Adenoid tissue (Tonsils) is often removed and after about 18 months the body rejects the grommets.

If the symptoms persist, the operation is done again in some instances up to 7 times, causing severe scar damage to the ear drum.

In the 1930s Dr Martin Littlejohn pro- posed this treatment for glue ear, but no scientific research was carried out and eventually modern medicine developed the grommet system.

Anthony Mathews D.O. Registered Osteopath, followed up Littlejohns work in 1992 and over the past nine years has scientifically researched the treatment and results of 300 patients, with 90 to 95% success rate.

Mr Mathews created the pilot study (using 14,500 of his own money) to research the possibility of parents doing the treatment at home. This has been successful in ALL cases.

The aim is to teach parents how to treat their own children. This is necessary as treatment is usually required twice a day at the outset, which makes trips to the osteopath logistically and financially pro- hibitive.

Teaching usually requires one trip to a trained therapist to learn the pressures to be applied, but will learn the actual treat- ment which takes 20 minutes to complete from the video. There will be a follow up visit a month later.

An infrastructure of 66 Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physio Therapists around the U.K have been trained by Mr Mathews and are now saving children from this traumatic operation.

This is a breakthrough in the treatment of glue ear and we believe that all parents should be able to choose which form of treatment they wish their child to receive.

For this to be possible - more people need to know about it and more osteopaths / therapists need to be trained.

Information supplied by:
Dr Anthony Mathews
Herne Bay Osteopathic and Sports Injury Clinic
Herne Bay
Tel: 01227 366 473

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