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Japanese ‘Jikiden’ Reiki

Reiki has become immensely popular in the West over the last few years. And rightly so - it’s an effective, accessible treatment that is highly enjoyable to give and receive.

If you were to look into the ‘family tree’ or lineage of nearly every Reiki practitioner in the West their Reiki would stem from Hawayo Takata, a Japanese born Hawaiian lady who learnt her art from Dr.Hayashi in Japan, and brought it to the West. Whilst what she learnt and passed on was wonderful it turns out that it did vary somewhat from the original Japanese teaching.

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about ‘original’ Japanese techniques and teaching. Much of this has been supposition and guesswork, although the research of Frank Arjava Petter has always been highly researched and carefully authenticated. In his work uncovering the truth about Reiki, Arjava met an 83 year old lady in Kyoto, Mrs Chiyoko Yamaguchi, who was also taught by Dr. Hayashi and had been using Reiki since her initiation at age 17.

As an original source of Dr. Hayashi’s teaching, Mrs. Yamaguchi was able to shed light on many aspects of Reiki as she understood it. She taught Japanese students, and a few Westerners who travelled to Kyoto to study. Mrs. Yamaguchi died in August 2003, having shared her wonderful legacy of ‘Jikiden’ Reiki. You could define Jikiden as ‘directly taught’ or to expand that ‘Reiki teachings from the authentic, original, Japanese lineage’.

Now her son, Tadao Yamaguchi, is continuing the teaching in Japan. He has known Reiki all his life, knows its benefits and has a real enthusiasm to share his knowledge.

Jikiden Reiki is different to ‘Western’ Reiki. Some factual aspects are different but one also senses a real difference in the ‘feel’ of the energy. This can very well be described as down-to-earth. Reiki is a practical, useable tool (that doesn’t take any of the wonder out of it though!) that is also a way of life and spiritual path. What the Jikiden Institute promote is very much what Mikao Usui and Dr. Hayashi stood for – that Reiki should change the world and touch the heart of everyone it reaches.

Learning the Jikiden way is different to Western Reiki, there is no fast track mastership. The student must practise the skills he or she is taught and only when they are competent can they move on. This is also very much in line with the original thinking.

This year there will be the opportunity to study Jikiden Reiki in this country with Tadao Yamaguchi. Places will be limited and it is suggested that you should contact the UK representative early to register your interest. You can also ask any questions that you may wish to raise.

All Reiki is good Reiki. But like food, some is closer to the ground, more nourishing and healthier presented in its natural state. If you’re looking for fast-food spirituality this may not be for you! But if you’d like to experience the authentic flavour of Reiki you might like to find out a little more…

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