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What Exactly is Life Coaching?

Coaching people to live richer, fuller, more enjoyable lives is the same process as coaching sports men and women to fulfil their potential as performers.

A Sports Coach needs to provide a number of key skills including ~

• A thorough understanding of technique
• Expertise in tailoring technique to the individual so that the performer
fully capitalises on their natural strengths
• Increasing fitness and wellbeing
• Developing mental skills
• Raising awareness and understanding
• Effective goal setting
• Aligning activities to goals
• Support, especially when the going gets tough
• Sensitivity and understanding
• A source of referral to experts in allied fields

A Life Coach uses exactly the same skills to increase achievement and enjoyment in life.

Understanding Technique

Here are some questions about life’s techniques that your Coach will help you resolve and capitalise on.

• How does life work?
• What are the Universal Laws?
• How can we identify our true self?
• How can we align our life with our true self?
• How can we be more successful at work?
• How can we earn more money?
• What areas of our lives is it wise to invest in?
• How can we balance our lives?
• What drains our energy?
• How important is our environment, and why?
• How important is it for us to resolve past issues?
• When and how should we say ‘No’?
• How can we improve our relationships?
• How can we gain true peace of mind?

Tailoring Techniques to the Individual

We are all different. Your Life Coach will help you clearly identify who you really are and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. S/he will then help you master life’s techniques in the most powerful way for you.

Increasing Fitness and Wellbeing

To achieve more in life and really enjoy the benefits requires energy. It is therefore crucial that you take extremely good care of yourself. Your Life Coach will show you how.

Developing Mental Skills

The mind is key. How we think dictates how we behave and perform. Your Life Coach will help you develop your mental skills.

Raising Awareness and Understanding

Knowledge is power. Knowledge dispels fear. The greater our awareness and understanding the more choices we have and the more we can trust our judgement. Raising awareness and understanding is a continuing element of the coaching process.

Effective Goal Setting

Your Coach will work with you to set effective goals and will then support you as you work towards them.

Aligning Activities to Goals

When you know where you’re going and have a plan to get there it’s important to align your activities in the same direction. Your Life Coach will show you how.

Support, especially when the going gets tough

Life Coaches have extensive life experience and are trained to listen very deeply. They are experts at fully supporting you as you move forward, even when the going gets tough.

Sensitivity and Understanding

Life Coaches communicate in a positive and sensitive way. They connect with people at many levels. They understand many of life’s challenges because they’ve been there themselves. Your Life Coach will be sensitive and understanding.

A Source of Referral

Your Life Coach is an expert coach but cannot have specialist knowledge in every discipline. Where appropriate, s/he can offer referrals to professionals in allied fields.

Information supplied by:
Rod Morgan, founder of Focus Coaching Ltd.
Rod started his career as a Professional Tennis Coach. He is an Inner Game expert specialising in helping people identify and realise their full potential.
A Graduate of Coach University, the world’s leading Life, Business and Corporate Coach development organisation, he brings to his work a powerful combination of coaching methods to help YOU live a richer, fuller, more enjoyable life.
Rod may be contacted on 0845 12 988 12 (local rate)
© Rod Morgan 2003

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