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Natural Healing

It's literal meaning is to “restore to health”.

Most people go to a healer to receive help in dealing with a specific physical, psychological or emotional problem.
Healing is an ancient method of restoring and maintaining health.
It is non-intrusive and complementary to conventional medicine. It is not an alternative to orthodox treatment for routine medical problems. Natural healers channel energy from an outside source (however that is defined), which can often bring about a dramatic improvement in the patient, although sometimes a series of gentle healing sessions are needed to produce a noticeable improvement.

It is said that healing is a gift which can only be there for those whose natures are compassionate. Healers subscribe to a wide range of philosophies but are united in their belief that the healing energy comes from some natural, or divine source, although each healer has his or her concept of what that source is.

No faith is required by the patient, except for an openness to anything that may happen and a degree of trust in the natural healer. While some scientists and doctors agree that healing appears to have a therapeutic effect on patients, it is very difficult to say what, if anything, is transferred from the healer to the patient. There is however, a lot of evidence to suggest that healing does help. Healers treat the patient as a whole, seeing illness or dis-ease to be the result of imbalances of the mind, body and spirit. They do not give diagnoses (though they can often feel problems in specific areas). Instead they simply try to correct the balance of energy to promote the body’s own natural healing processes (hence the term “natural healer”).

Although there is some scepticism of natural healing by some (often older) members of the medical profession, healing is a therapy officially recognised by the National Health Service. Doctors are permitted by the General Medical Council to refer patients to healers. In fact, there is a growing trend for healing to be given under the supervision of doctors. Healers can attend hospital in-patients who request their services (with the charge nurse’s permission). Some doctors even practise healing themselves.

What healing can do.

Natural healing helps to eliminate stress, tension, anxiety, depression and insomnia. It helps to reduce or eliminate pain. It can also accelerate the healing of injuries and can alleviate chronic complaints and serious illness. There is no disease, illness or injury that natural healing cannot help. It also relaxes and de-stresses you; whatever your body needs in today’s rapid way of life. Even if you have had your injury or illness for many, many years, natural healing can still help you. If you suffer with arthritis, natural healing can help to eliminate or alleviate this disease.

Healing also helps in the office or workplace. It is marvellously effective at reducing stress (and stress is the single biggest contributor to absenteeism at work). It also works to “unblock” creative or mental energy. This helps you become much more productive at work or at home. This “unblocking” works by freeing up “mental shackles” which stop you achieving certain things. This can apply as much to “writer’s block” as to sales performance or even giving presentations to a large audience. A whole book can be written about the benefits of natural healing to the workplace and workforce.

What to expect at a healing session

At the initial session, the healer takes a history of the patient’s symptoms and medical diagnosis in order to chart the healing process. The patient will then be asked to sit or lie comfortably. The healer will stand or sit in close proximity. The healer will then place their hands either near or on certain positions on the head and body. (If the patient requests it, the healer can avoid actually touching them). The patient is always fully clothed and the touch is always non-invasive. The patient will often feel energy flowing through them, from the healer. He or she may also experience sensations of heat or cold or slight vibrations. There may be a release of emotion, such as tears, laughter or drifting into sleep. If the patient wishes, a friend can be present during healing. A treatment can last from 15 minutes to an hour, after which the patient is advised to sit or lie quietly for a short time.

The results of healing

The results of healing are best measured in terms of changing patterns. Pain and discomfort may be alleviated during or after a healing session. In fact many people testify to a so called “miracle cure” effect. However, pain or discomfort may recur for short periods at a later date. This indicates that the healing energy is effecting change in the body. These changes are subtle and each person will experience healing in a different way.
However, not everyone responds to healing.

My experience of healing

My personal experience is that natural healing is the most amazing thing I have ever done or had done to me.
I believe everyone benefits from healing on a daily basis, since it establishes a connection between the body and the spirit, or the physical plane and the spiritual plane. The effect of a healing session is similar in experience to meditation or prayer, except perhaps on a deeper level, since this is a shared experience between two or more people. I believe that provided you have an open mind, anything is achievable. I find that healing works best in a quiet room, with a little incense burning and a background tape of spiritual music and the sound of running water. This works best for me, but other healers may use different techniques.

My personal beliefs

I believe that unconditional love is the strongest force in the universe. I believe that we are all a combination of mind, body and spirit. All three are equally important and cannot be ignored. Healing works by addressing the spiritual level in some way and making a connection to the mind and body, stimulating our own natural resources, which “miraculously” result in us healing ourselves. I believe that there is a wealth of scientific evidence to support this.

Modern physics demonstrates that, in effect, all matter is really energy and that we are all composed of “waves” which vibrate at different rates. If we are all “energy” and “waves”, it is not a big stretch of the imagination to see how the “spirit” can exist scientifically - as energy waves vibrating at a much finer frequency than our physical body or mind. In fact the “aura”, or spiritual wrapping, has been photographed in many scientific experiments. I can “show” you your aura by means of a pendulum which swings in highly individual ways at different points on your body.

Indeed it was this scientific explanation of spirituality which first brought me around from being a confirmed atheist to someone who now believes in the spiritual level and life after death. I believe that this connection to the spiritual is what makes us feel happy, in the most profound way. Healing is a natural, quick and easy way of doing this. I have included this brief summary of my beliefs in the interests of honesty and openness. I do not expect you to subscribe to any of it - especially since it took me five years to come round to this view. However, you may well believe in this and much more!

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