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Journeys of a Lifetime

Past life regression/therapy is like a journey of personal discovery.

It can be very rewarding in showing our reasons for the present incarnation. It can help rid us of ingrained fears, phobias and even some illnesses.

Every time we re-incarnate, our cells are infused with a "Cellular Memory".

Memories from previous lives are carried through into our present life. These are stored in the sub-conscious mind, waiting to pounce on us, during our incarnation.

Problems can manifest at any time. Sadly the medical profession do not recognise the probability of cellular memory, but many psychiatrists are now realising the benefits of regression therapy even though they will only regress to childhood. They believe that many problems originate from there.

However, some have regressed patients further back into previous lives (often by accident). This has proven to be very successful, and patients have made remarkable recoveries in a very short time.

It is my belief that all illness starts on the etheric level, and eventually manifests on the physical. When the GP has exhausted all avenues as to why the problem has appeared, then it’s time to look elsewhere.

Lurking within the sub-conscious mind is probably the origin. All you need to do is discover and experience it, to help it to heal.

Having completed hundreds of regressions, I can honestly say that none have turned out to be "famous people", though they all experienced a "Journey of a Lifetime". Some lives are happy, some are not.

Many have commented that going through the death experience, their fear of it is removed. Even if the actual death is traumatic, the experience of the afterlife is always beautiful, often with deceased family and friends waiting there for them.

Many asthmatics can be traced to traumatic deaths, such as being buried alive, or drowning etc. This creates the "fear" of not being able to get your breath. Of course this is exacerbated by the pollutants in our atmosphere, inducing bad asthma attacks.

Susan was one such person. On experiencing her past life as an Egyptian slave girl, she was buried alive when her master died. This was a traumatic death, but after a few sessions the asthma was dramatically improved. She no longer needed her puffer, but just occasionally became a little breathless.

Of course many are just curious as to who they were in previous lives. This can prove very interesting. You can enter the Spirit World, and discover your Spirit name, meet your guides, angels, or learn if you’ve experienced past lives with a partner / relative.

You are only limited by your imagination. One of my favourite regressions was Annette’s "first ever" incarnation. It was hilarious, and interesting simultaneously. She could not name the colours or the animals but described them by saying such things as "the small animal was the same colour as the tree" and she then went on to roar like a lion, or snort like a pig. She described people who had died, as "not being able to get up."

Using a gentle guided meditation clients are eased into a past life, and many problems resolved.

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