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Pets Provoke Severe Asthma!

In 2003, asthma specialists from Penn State Milton S. Hershey University in the US revealed that in a study involving 809 asthma sufferers, 72% of them suffered attacks when exposed to cats, 52% in response to dustmite and 38% in the presence of a dog. In fact, virtually every asthma sufferer was likely to have an asthma attack in the presence of either a cat or a dog.

Worse, although sensitivity to the dog allergen Can f1 was less prevalent than the reaction to cat, the presence of the dog allergen evoked the most severe depression in lung function.

Contrary to expectations, this study suggested that the dog hair and the dog allergen, Can f1, is even more of a threat to those who are susceptible to asthma than the cat allergen, Fel d1. With over 6 million dogs and nearly 8 million cats in the UK not to mention 37 million small animals, there is no question that the British are a nation of animal lovers! So what should the responsible pet lover do to prevent himself, herself or others from suffering the miseries of wheezing, sneezing, asthma or even worse ---- perennial use of drugs or a trip to Accident and Emergency. The answer is very simple ----- cleanse ALL PETS with a specialist pet cleanser.

Pet Cleansers & How They Work

There have been a number of cleansers on the market in recent years but many have been dismissed by medical professionals and allergy sufferers as ineffective. However, Bio-Life PetalCleanse is one that has been independently tested by both Allergy Specialists and Veterinary Surgeons in the UK, the USA, Germany, Benelux, Scandinavia, Israel and elsewhere across the globe.

In trials carried out in the UK, regular use by people who were allergic only to pets reduced the percentage who required medication from 100% to zero over a 4 week period. People who suffered from multiple allergies i.e. dustmite, pollen and pet required only 1.8 doses of medication per week at the end of the period as opposed to 3.02 doses at the start. The product is the only one in the UK to be awarded the British Allergy Foundation (Allergy UK) “Consumer Care Award” for efficacy. Similarly, trials in the USA revealed that product effectiveness was far superior to the alternatives on offer.

The product works by encapsulation. Cationic surfactants (negatively charged particles of carefully selected detergents) encapsulate and neutralise the positively charged particles of allergen which come from the saliva, sweatglands and urine of the pet. This prevents the allergens from coming into contact with the skin or becoming airborne and being inhaled from the air The product is very simple to use.

The owner brushes the pet to remove dead hair; pours 30 mls of the solution onto a cloth or a sponge and wipes the pet with and against the hair and finally towel dries. Used once a week, every week, it is sufficient to remove the allergens from the coat and most importantly prevents them from entering the air. As for the pet, the lotion contains conditioners and natural extracts that gives the coat condition and shine.

More informatiom is available from the Pet Allergy Helpline: 01608 686626.

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