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Working with parents of Psychic Children

This work entails helping people with psychic and sensitive children understand what they need in order to be happy and fulfilled in their lives. Many of these children are misunderstood and feel very alone and frustrated. Their behaviour often mirrors this and they may be diagnosed and labelled, thus leading to unnecessary drug administering.

Once help is sought, we can ascertain exactly what is going on with the child and deal with it appropriately. It is important to work with the parents and carers in order to help them deal with the issues this throws up for themselves. Then they can support the child from where they are and help them to deal with being in the world.

Children who are psychic may experience a myriad of experiences. Some as young as babies experience beings in their bedroom and wake up in the middle of the night screaming. Others have invisible friends whom they take to nursery or school. These may stop the child becoming friends with others. Others talk of knowing things about a relative just from a photo when it is obvious they couldn’t know them as they died before the child was born.

Some children can just walk into a room and read the atmosphere, knowing the conversations that have taken place before they arrived. Parents report cases of children foreseeing incidents before they happen. Others talk of fear when visiting homes and buildings that are haunted: where others are oblivious.

As a result, some children feel that they are possessed and do not welcome these experiences. All these things can cause much anxiety in the parent as well as the child.

Information supplied by:
Jaki Harris

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