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Sacred Space Clearing is the art of clearing your space and allowing good flow of energy in your home and workplace.

It clears and purifies negative energies and imprints of the pasts that no longer serve you and your family. Sacred space clearing works at a very deep level by consecrating your building and drawing in vibrant chi energy.

Sacred space clearing has been pioneered in the West by Karen Kingston. It originates from the East as part of a specialised branch of Feng Shui. Sacred space clearing is always done after de-cluttering the space and cleaning it thoroughly. The ceremonial space clearing process is then carried out at several levels and in conjunction enhances the placements of Feng Shui. Most practitioners who do space clearing offer a separate Feng Shui service usually after the space clearing ceremony.

It is important that you do not attempt to carry out sacred space clearing for friends and families home and place of work without having a greater understanding of how negative and low level energies can be invoked, giving rise to detrimental consequences that can impact you and the person you are trying to help. Always seek professional help rather than to do someone else’s space after reading a book or visiting a website, it is not the same as doing your own space.

Over the centuries, years and on a day to day basis unseen energies build up in our homes and offices. These energies go into the fabric of the buildings foundation, materials, plants and furniture. The energies then repeat its pattern and flows out more of the same energy. What sacred space clearing does for a building is it clears away the “psychic rubbish” that it builds up over the years.

Unseen energy can sometimes be felt; and some of you may have experienced the type of energy I am talking about. For example, if you walked into a room where someone who has just had an argument – you may have instantly felt the tension and argument in that space. Soon this energy is disbursed at the conscious level and visibly unfelt. But at the unconscious level the tension and the argumentative energy goes into the furniture, the materials in its surroundings and into the fabric of the building. In the same way the energy of the un-well person, the financial struggling person, the fearful person, the stressed person etc will have their own energy imprinting and repeating the same around them.

When sacred space clearing is done properly by following the ceremonial guidelines, there is absolutely no doubt you will experience an uplift of energy in your space and in your life. Many people have said they have felt amazing, peaceful, and inner joy that they have never felt before. Some people have opportunities that opened up for them, received an increase of success; abundance, help and support come into their life, whereas they had not had before. Others have experienced better relationships and, greater health and wellbeing.

Scared space clearing traditionally has always been done in almost all cultures and religions in some form or another. This type of sacred space clearing does not require any religious or cultural beliefs for it to work and anyone can experience the benefits from it. Sacred space clearing goes beyond “a spring clean”.

The length of time it takes to do a space clearing will depend on how much clutter you have and how much cleaning you need to do in preparation. Often this is the biggest hurdle many people experience, so if you can pass the first hurdle, consecrating a 3 bedroom house for example, can take up to 3 to 3½ hours.

Most people who have experienced the amazing power of sacred space clearing tend to frequently top up and consecrate their space every 3 to 6 months. Maintenance space clearing can also be done after a major event in your life, such as a career change, separation or starting a new relationship, having a new baby in the home or generally experiencing a difficult time.

It is a therapeutic treatment, just as one works with the mind, the body as sacred space clearing works for the home and office.

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