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Healing with the Power of Sound is one of the oldest and most natural forms of healing known to man.

For centuries and in all countries & traditions, harmonious sound – i.e. music - has been used as a way of soothing the mind and emotions, and in some Eastern cultures it has long been realised that the beneficial effect actually goes much deeper than just a sense of emotional well-being; harmonious sounds also have a healing effect on the body at a cellular level.

In India the ancient science of the effect of musical vibrations on the human organism is called Nada Yoga. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks also realised the remarkable healing power of sound, and often composed and performed music with the purpose of healing.

To enable an understanding of how Sound Healing works, it is useful to realise that everything in creation is actually energy, vibrating at different rates. Modern physicists continue to find evidence to support this belief.

For instance - dense, apparently inanimate objects like rocks, look like solid matter, but are in fact energy forms vibrating at very low frequencies. At the other end of the spectrum, light vibrates at a very high frequency. Everything in the universe is vibrating.

As energy forms, we as human beings are also vibrating. Within a certain range of frequencies, the human ear is able to perceive vibrations as what we call “sound”. Sound Healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body and mind of a person, with the intent of bringing them into a state of harmony and health.

It could be argued that the more harmonious and pleasing this sound is, the more beneficial it is to us for healing purposes. Different areas of the body respond to the sounds made by locking in or “entraining” to the sound and beginning to vibrate at the same frequencies, thus bringing harmony and healing.

Some interesting studies have been done on water – exposing droplets of water to various different types of sound and music. The results are too lengthy to go into here, but it is interesting to note that water droplets subjected to heavy metal music produced a weak looking water crystal of irregular shape and structure, whereas droplets subjected to classical music, notably Mozart, produced a water crystal of great beauty and wonderfully complex structure.

The human body is composed of 60% to 70% water, which makes it a good conductor of sound. The renowned Sound Therapist Dr. Alfred Tomatis, has also concluded from his work in this field, that of all music, Mozart’s violin concertos have the greatest healing effect on the human body.

Sound Healers use various ways of producing sound including Tibetan bowls, musical instruments amd the human voice. The type of Sound Healing I want to talk about here is using the voice, which is sounded at different pitches or notes, to resonate with the different parts of the body to bring about healing on all levels.

In research, the human voice has been shown to be one of the most powerful and effective instruments in healing. The therapist tones, or sounds notes in the subtle energy body of the client. Every part of the body has it's own resonant frequency. If there is a weakness anywhere, the strong harmonious sound made by the therapist will stimulate the body cells to vibrate in sympathy and bring that part into harmony.

The harmonious sounds also work on the chakras or energy centres in the subtle body – if you make the same sound as the resonance of the blockage you can shatter it and disperse it.

The aura – the layer of subtle energy which surrounds our bodies, is also affected by music and sound in this way. As in other therapies the results are not always immediate – it tends to be an ongoing process.

A Sound Healing treatment almost always results in the client being in a wonderful overall state of calmness and wellbeing, and sometimes odd bodily aches and pains have already disappeared.

So healing by sound or music is an ancient but natural form of healing which has probably been in use since the beginning of civilisation. It is a subtle but powerful process which mankind has instinctively used over the years, and which in this modern age science is now beginning to find evidence for and recognise.

I hope I have given you some food for thought and stimulated you to try it!

Information supplied by:
Sheila Whittaker
Sound Healer and Reiki practitioner
Tel: 01273 248859

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