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What is Stem Cell Nutrition?

Your body’s renewal system depends on the release of adult Stem Cells into your bloodstream. As we get older, these decrease, things don’t work so well, we get tired, ill health happens more frequently or you may have to start medication.

Your own adult stem cells have the power to maintain and repair tissue cells as needed a vital, life-sustaining process that helps to maintain your health and wellbeing.

SE2 supports the natural release of your adult stem cells from the bone marrow StemFlo helps it circulate around your body.

How this happens!

1. ‘Messengers’ are sent by tissues in need, requesting the release of adult stem cells from the bone marrow.
2. Adult stem cells then circulate in the bloodstream.
3. A different set of ‘messengers’ attract adult stem cells to migrate into tissues where the stem cells reproduce and become new healthy cells of that tissue.

Traditionally, nutritional supplements have been designed to supply nourishment to existing tissue cells.

Taking SE2 supports the natural release of your adult cells into circulation. These cells have the ability to transform into healthy tissue cells as needed by your body – a bespoke process that helps maintain your physical body.

The primary roles of adult stem cells in a living organism are to maintain and repair the tissue in which they are found’ Therefore, we can deduce that a higher number of circulating adult stem cells equate to a better tissue and maintenance. For humans and animals alike!

Advancement in Cellular Renewal – helping Nature do what it is designed to do.

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Betty Clarke
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