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The Tarot can appear to be intrinsically linked with sinister and occult matters and many shy away from it for this reason. Whilst it is foolish to deny some of this use of the cards, it also has a deeper and higher nature from which we can learn and apply that learning in a profound and deeply therapeutic manner. I have worked with the Tarot for some 20 years and have discovered what I like to see as the sacred nature of the Tarot, which I endeavour to introduce here.

There is currently developing a much needed and welcome, increasing acceptance of the so-called ‘complementary therapies’ into the mainstream, medical field. This includes such therapies as aromatherapy, reflexology and healing, in its many forms. With this integration comes the necessity for the therapists that administer the procedures to be practising to accepted, professional standards and to be affiliated to bodies that regulate and award these standards, having studied an approved curriculum to demonstrate their ability in their chosen therapy.

Whilst this integration into the mainstream is welcomed and is indeed, a natural consequence of the progression of medicine, it also brings with it developing therapies that begin on the fringe of the healing field, before they too, in time, make their way into the centre of that field. This is the present place of the Tarot and other esoteric therapies, when used in this way.

One of the many benefits that widespread acceptance of complementary therapies brings is the fundamental view of the human being as body, mind and spirit. In choosing which therapy to treat yourself with, there are many available, some perhaps more accessible than others. Each aims to treat the client with the above, holistic view. The majority of these therapies do however, focus on the body as the means of healing the dis-ease presented. Healing of the mind and spirit are often seen as coming from the healing of the body, the result of focussing primarily on the physical need.

There are many aspects that the complementary therapies have in common, perhaps the strongest ‘common denominator’ being the acknowledgement of both the existence and use of energy, in both the client, ‘healer’ and the treatment itself. Indeed, it is becoming another widely accepted principle in the fringe field of healing that the medicine of the future is that of ‘vibrational medicine’, being the manipulation of this energy to bring about a return to balance and wholeness in the client, which precipitates the ‘healing’ of the physical manifestation of this state of ‘dis-ease’.

The Esoteric, or spiritual, view of the nature of things is that all things come from and exist of, energy, or life-force. This is the same life-force that complementary practitioners acknowledge and that scientists are now beginning to accept. The esoteric healer or therapist works from the standpoint that physical dis-ease and indeed all physical nature is the end result or manifestation of energy in a particular form. In the case of human health, a physical dis-ease is the result of a blockage or imbalance in the clients energy. As the physical body and its health or dis-ease is but one part of the energy matrix that is a human being, it follows that treatment, of whatever form, must occur at this energy level to have a lasting and profound effect. This is not to say of course, that the complementary therapies are invalidated; far from it, for they simply work from the physical to the energy level. The Esoteric therapist works from, with and in the energy level of the client, bringing about a shift or movement here, that precipitates change and a restoration of balance at the other levels of the client, these being the mental, emotional and physical respectively. In this way, the medicine of the future and of the Aquarian Age, is born.

Esotericists have long accepted and worked with this all-pervading life force or energy, seeing it as existing in all things and at all levels of life. The exciting field of quantum physics is giving us new insights and understanding into our very natures. It has been stated that when we fully understand the nature of the Universe in which we live, at the quantum level, we will understand the mind of God. Whilst this is a sweeping statement open to much debate, it does indicate the level at which we must approach the human being, if we are to continue to develop and progress through the 21st Century. This includes the awareness of the life-force energy and the conscious knowledge that all things exist in and of this state.

In the many years I have been involved with and studied esoteric and healing matters, these principles are for me, nowhere better illustrated and expounded than in the Tarot. This vast body of work and knowledge explains, in symbolic and pictorial format, the nature and outworking of energy, showing the place of the human being at the earthly level of our selves and lives, as the physical level of our being in the wider Universe and context. As such the Tarot is perfectly placed to offer knowledge and guidance and, in the hands of a suitable ‘Tarot Therapist’, precipitate healing to the client.

This requires, of course, the Tarot to be seen in this ‘new’ (actually, very old!) light. For this to occur, on a wide scale, much work needs to be done, initially on a local level. In the case of the above named, accepted complementary therapies, the necessary curriculum and professional administering bodies have been in existence for some time and the required standards are being met. In the public eye and therefore at the vital archetypal level where fundamental change must occur, the Tarot languishes sadly at the end of the pier and in the fortune-telling booth.

For the Tarot to be restored to its rightful place as a sacred healing method/tool, it must be seen and accepted as such. For this to occur professional standards must be introduced that we see have brought the other complementary and natural therapies into the mainstream of medicine and healing, from the fringes where they began. Affiliation to regulatory bodies must be aimed for, codes of practice and conduct must be introduced and adhered to, basic standards must be set and examinations implemented. Only then can the Tarot begin to reclaim its standing as the great and powerful sacred therapy it is.

In observing the move to central acceptance of complementary therapies that is taking place, I have noticed that they are being promoted and utilised by the nurses, rather than the surgeons and consultants. For change to be effective, it must take place within and such is the case here. It is not from the top down that natural therapies are being used in the NHS, but from the inside out. In my work through the Therapy sessions I offer and through the lectures, workshops, and courses I teach, and now through the medium of my book, I am applying this principle to the Community.

In ‘Tarot Therapy’ I have focussed on the Tarot as the principle method of esoteric therapy that I apply. This is because, as stated above, it has always been the spine around which my work gains its flexibility and adaptability. It should be stressed however that this is only one aspect of the consultations I work with and that I use the Tarot with a specific therapeutic intention, taking it a long way away from the use of fortune-telling to which it is usually put.

By combining the Tarot with meditation and inner work, journeying and healing and so on, as seems appropriate for the client, healing, as a restoration of balance and well-being is brought about. The Tarot has the ability to illustrate the nature of the dis-ease or imbalance and techniques such as those named above are then utilised to effect the cure. I view this not as a weakness, but a strength of the Tarot, since it has continually demonstrated to me an ability to explain the different philosophies and belief systems I have explored and adapted itself to them. Here it shows an ability to work perfectly alongside many other therapies, such as those mentioned throughout this introduction.

It should also be stressed that when used in a therapeutic way the Tarot alone is often enough to bring about the energy shift or movement required to precipitate the healing required in the client. The power of the realisation that the sensitive Tarot Therapist can effect within the client is easily enough to cause energy to flow, adhering to the powerful esoteric law that ‘energy follows thought which follows desire’. This causes a healing brought about at the mental and emotional levels of the client, facilitating the holistic healing required for it to be true. Whatever its point of origin, therapy or healing, must occur at the energetic level of the patient or client as we shall refer to them, to be truly effective, lasting and bring about the state of balance and wholeness required.

It is acknowledged however, that perhaps the most effective therapy is that which effects its cure at all four levels of the client: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Neither should be underestimated or seen as more important than the other. Healing can be seen as the ability to restore a state of balance in the client. This balance requires at the very least an acknowledgement of the needs of these levels in the client. The Tarot automatically achieves this minimum requirement since, by its very nature, it consists of those four levels itself, in the suits of the Minor Arcana. This ability is made all the more powerful as it goes on to combine these four levels in the body of the Major Arcana, enabling therapy or healing to be addressed at the whole person, at their deepest or highest level. The Tarot is perfectly placed as a therapy and astonishingly powerful and effective when combined with other such natural tools for cure.

For this to happen the Tarot Therapist must view the cards in this light and learn of their healing ways for themselves, before they are able to pass this energy on to their clients. This bears out the principle that in order to act as therapist for another, we must first undergo the therapy ourselves. The journey of the Tarot is this therapy and is often experienced by student therapists in a most power manner. What happens is that we experience the frozen energy state any one card represents, living through the card so as to learn its ‘meaning’ thereby being able to apply its lesson for others progress and development.

By such processes, of which this is of course only one, the Tarot can begin its long journey back to owning the place it deserves as the embodiment of ancient wisdom. The essence of the Tarot has never changed since its inception, for this ancient wisdom is also timeless, for it is simple truth. It is, veritably, as good today as it has always been. This is because it is truth and truth is beyond time, above all reason and argument and comes from a place of peace.

Such truth can only come from a higher level than our human existence. There is every indication that we are in dire need of this information at this time in our history and we have been granted the Tarot as one method by which we can learn ‘the truth’. Let us embrace the energy of this truth by utilising the therapeutic nature of the Tarot and help both ourselves and others in so doing.

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